Who used to be part of the Women@CC and where are they now?

Find out here!

The following women were all active leaders in the Women@CC when they were undergraduates in the College of Computing. Upon their graduation, the women have gone into many different career paths, whether it was consulting or full-time work. Some of went back to school... as a grad student. See what these Women@CC alumni have been up to lately!

  • Jennifer Whitlow has been the face of Women@CC for 4 years. She was the Women@CC chair from 2005-2007. In her years as chair, she created the Women's Overnight Program, as well as brought in many new members. Jennifer is currently heavily involved in recruitment for the College of Computing. She will graduate in Spring 2009 with a Computational Media degree.

  • Victoria Au is a College of Computing alumni.

  • Priyanka Mahalanabis was co-chair of the Women@CC for the Fall 2007 semester. Upon graduation in December, she started working as a consultant at Amdocs Consulting, where her cilents include telecommunication companies. She is currently in San Antonio working with AT&T, and she feels that it is a pretty fun job.

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