Priya Rajeev, Co-President

Computer Science, 3rd year

Hometown: Duluth, GA

Description of Position: As Co-President of W@CC, I organize student-facing initiatives, such as technical workshops, networking events, and more. I also help plan collaborations with other organizations on campus.

Interests: Baking, hiking, and watching movies

Involvements: W@CC and SGA

Anglea Young, Co-President

Computer Science, 3rd Year

Hometown: Pooler, GA

Description of Position: As a Co-President of W@CC, I coordinate networking events and workshops with company partners.

Interests: Cooking and baking, playing board games, and dance

Involvements: W@CC and DCGT

Yesha Thakkar, Secretary

Computer Science, 2nd Year

Hometown: Suwanee, GA

Description of Position: As the Secretary of W@CC, I design and send out the weekly newsletter promoting W@CC events and additional opportunities as well as record executive meeting notes.

Interests: Baking, reading, piano, and Spotify

Involvements: TEDxGeorgiaTech, Nique, and Epic Intentions

Elise Polo, Social Media and Outreach

Computer Science, 2nd Year

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Description of Position: As Marketing Coordinator for W@CC, I keep our social media updated with meetings, events, and resources. I also help members stay up to date on opportunities and info in our slack channel.

Interests: Cooking, listening to music, and trying new foods

Involvements: WREK and FAB

Farmin Nuhana, Webmaster

Computer Science, 3rd Year

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Description of Position: As Webmaster of W@CC, I code, design, and maintain the W@CC website. I update the website with new resources and opportunities and document old events in the archive.

Interests: Art, gaming, and trying new foods

Involvements: W@CC