Anglea Young, President

Computer Science, 3rd Year

Description of Position: As President, I maintain communications with the College of Computing, arrange weekly meetings, and ensure event planning goes smoothly.

Interests: Cooking, baking, and dance

Involvements: Delta Phi Lambda

Fun Fact: I learned how to knit over the summer!

Elise Polo, VP Internal

Computer Science, 2nd Year

Description of Position: I lead all social and technical workshops to help foster community for women at the college of computing!

Interests: music, design, movie, human-computer interaction, user-centered design

Involvements: WREK Atlanta

Fun Fact: I’m the host of Crush, WREK’s shoegaze and dreampop show every Wednesday at 7pm on 91.1FM!

IMG_2287 - Divya Mundkur

Divya Mundkur, External Coordinator

Computer Science, 1st year

Description of Position: For my role, I reach out to other organizations on campus and plan professional and social events, as well as educative workshops.

Interests: baking, driving, listening to music

Fun Fact: I have an irrational obsession with plants.


Ankita Somu, PR Chair

Computer Science, 1st Year

Description of Position: handles W@CC social media accounts for meetings and events, a point of contact for W@CC members, compile and summarize company opportunities, manage the Slack with all important announcement, take event phot/videos, create and send out weekly newsletter

Interests: Playing the viola, listening/creating music, nails, handing out with friends, trying new food, true crime and investigation shows/research

Involvements: 2 nonprofit organizations, member of India Club, send letters to India

Fun Fact: I participated in Indian Classical Dance (Bharatanatyam for a decade of my life!


Harshika Gelivi, Webmistress

Computer Science, 1st Year

Description of Position: My role is to continuously monitor and update the website to bring our members the latest opportunities and provide a stop for all the latest W@CC information.

Interests: anime, gaming, listening to music, singing, dancing

Involvements: GT Ramblin’ Raas, Big Data Big Impact, Coaching to Contribute

Fun Fact: I wrote lyrics for a song that was able to get published once!