Current Board

Elise Polo | President

Computer Science, 4th Year

I help facilitate the executive board and oversee the execution of our budget and events to make sure we accomplish the goals of the club!

Interests: Music, Cooking, Screenprinting, Design

Involvements: WREK Atlanta

Fun Fact: I run WREK Atlanta’s shoegaze and dreampop show, Crush.

Preity Chavan | VP of Internal Affairs

Computer Science, 3rd Year

I plan and coordinate weekly meetings for W@CC members for networking within the organization. I also help come up with event ideas as well as collaborate with other clubs on campus.

Interests: singing, dancing (Bharatnatyam – Indian classical dance), baking

Involvements: Taal Tadka, GT Concert Band

Fun Fact: I sang the national anthem for an Atlanta Braves game!

Divya Mundkur | VP of External Affairs

Computer Science, 3rd year

For my role, I reach out to other organizations on campus and plan professional and social events, as well as educative workshops.

Interests: baking, driving, listening to music

Fun Fact: I have an irrational obsession with plants.

Ankita Somu | Public Relations Director

Computer Science, 3rd Year

I handle all official social media platforms for W@CC – in other words, everything that you see posted was compiled, designed, and published by me! I am a point of contact for all members as I manage the weekly W@CC and CoC newsletters, Linktree, important announcements, and capture special moments during companies’ events to incorporate into our promotional material. I am also responsible for networking with other clubs and organizations to facilitate an empowering environment that supports and promotes one another’s events.

Interests: true crime investigation, Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam), sketching

Involvements: TEDxGeorgiaTech, Data Science at Georgia Tech, Society of Women Engineers

Fun Fact: I’ve given several award-winning speeches with the wi(l)dest range of topics: Snapchat (for my highschool graduation!), cacti, socks, armadillos, Cheerios – to name a few. 

Harshika Gelivi | Secretary Finance

Computer Science, 3rd Year

My role is to take notes on meetings and events, as well as manage the upcoming finances of our organization! I also manage the website for everyone to see.

Interests: anime, gaming, listening to music, singing, dancing

Involvements: GT Ramblin’ Raas, Big Data Big Impact, Coaching to Contribute

Fun Fact: I wrote lyrics for a song that was able to get published once!